We are a creative video production company based in Charleston, WV that specializes in providing high quality video content for small and large businesses. Our mission is to empower our customers to transform creative content into meaningful relationships.


There are so many companies out there trying to do the same things. We can help capture people’s attention and get you out of the “noise” of everyone else and make you stand out.

Videos are one of the top ways for people to consume information. Now is the perfect time to start utilizing this powerful tool to grow your business in an era where creative is the variable to success.

This service is for those wanting to develop a personal brand. It includes consistent creative content with multiple distribution channels. If you want to stand out this service will get you there!

Social media for your business is so important for growth! We will create and maintain your social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, YouTube, and emerging platforms as they become relevant for your business.


We take our job very seriously in providing you with the best creative content available, don’t believe us? Here’s what we did for ourselves.









Some of Our Work

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From videographers to drone pilots, you’ll have access to a powerful team that you can rely on to get the job done right and creatively.

Caleb Akers

Caleb is the Co-Founder and Manager of Filmanatix. He oversees the daily operations and maintains all customer relations. If you need to set up a meeting with our team he is your guy to contact!

Benjamin Mason

Ben is the Co-Founder and Creative Director for Filmanatix. He oversees the creative team and supervises all video production shoots. From commercial work to shortfilms he’s done it all!

Blake Oliver

Blake is a videographer, photographer, and an awesome drone pilot. He owns Sky Vision Imagery and is a key player on the creative team.

Josh Walsh

Josh takes your idea and helps transform it into a screenplay. From brainstorming and Script Writing he handles it all.

Josh Akers

Josh grew up making films and is one of the best at leveraging youtube to its highest capacity

Michael Osborne

Michael is currently taking film classes at Marshall and helps the team in any capacity.

Shelby Oliver

Shelby develops and maintains accounts for Filmanatix. She ensures our clients produce the best results possible.

Olivia Boso

Olivia is a graduate from Marshall University and is great with customer relations and building value.

Mark Lamborn

Mark has over 30 years in the advertising field and brings a “groovy” feel to the team

Rachel Mason

Rachel is a graduate from Bridgevalley Technical College and takes the lead in keeping our numbers on track.

Marisa Belcher

Marisa helps keep the team and all the film shoots on track and organized.

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“True Professionals! Very creative and forward thinking. Just what you need, if you’re interested in growing your business.”

– Jeremy S.
Advantage Real Estate

“I highly recommend them for their professionalism, kindness, talent, creativity, passion and deep commitment to their work.”

– Maria F.

These guys are wizards!! I expect to keep hearing about big things from Filmanatix. I highly recommend them for any job.”

– Catherine N.
House of Luxe

Truly the best in the state of WV. I will never go anywhere else for promotional needs!

– Morgan M.
Rock City Cake Company

A fantastic Social Media content and marketing company, Filmanatix works directly with its client to produce far-reaching, heartfelt media.

– Rafael B.
WV International Film Festival



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